What is Resource University?

Resource University is a resource sharing community of college professors & students who support and collaborate with each other in all spheres of academic life: LEARNING, TEACHING, JOBS, NETWORKING, TUTORING, RESEARCH and more. Guided by the "give & take" philosophy, Resource University members create, collect, rate, review and share resources with each other.

How much does it cost?

Membership is free! Sign up right away. There is no cost to upload, share, or download resources from Resource University. You do not pay to use the services on Resource University. No membership fee. No usage fees. Members may however choose to offer their services to each other for a price. For example, a student may

Can I buy and sell textbooks on Resource University? Any fees?

Any user with a valid account on Resource University can sell textbooks on its platform. There are NO FEES for students or instructors to list their books or to buy and sell books on the platform. More here on how to Guests who signup for a Book-Sellers account pay a fee to conduct business on