Frequently Asked Questions

Resource University is a resource sharing community of college professors & students who support and collaborate with each other in all spheres of academic life: LEARNING, TEACHING, JOBS, NETWORKING, TUTORING, RESEARCH and more.

Guided by the “give & take” philosophy, Resource University members create, collect, rate, review and share resources with each other.

Membership is free! Sign up right away.

There is no cost to upload, share, or download resources from Resource University. You do not pay to use the services on Resource University. No membership fee. No usage fees.

Members may however choose to offer their services to each other for a price. For example, a student may offer his or her tutoring services to other students for a price or for free.

A few selected services, such as video services, are offered directly by Resource University as paid services to its members who need professional help to make videos.


Study Material: Download notes, practice exams, flashcards, and study material that other students have shared on the platform. Upload your material to share with others.

Textbooks: You can buy and sell textbooks directly to other students for free saving yourself time and money. Here’s an how to do it.

Tutoring: Search for tutoring services — online or in-person. Tutors could be students in your college who have aced the course you need help with. Or they could be subject matter experts. You can look up their rates, reviews and contact them directly.

You can also offer tutoring in areas that you are strong in. Teach for money or for free. either way, put that on your resume.

Discussion Forums: You can post questions on wide range of topics and get answers from fellow users across different colleges.

Internships and Jobs: Read here

When it comes to applying for jobs and internships, most college students and recent graduates do not have several years of work experience to show for. By relying on traditional resumes, typical job boards and recruiters do not cater to the specific circumstances of college students and recent grads. Resource University can help you with building an online profile that showcases your hard work and accomplishments while in college. On your profile, your professors and peers can endorse you to highlight your performance and specific skills.

Importantly, the more active you are on Resource University the more reputation you build. And more opportunity you get to showcase your skills in communication, collaboration, teamwork, enthusiasm, knowledge in specific domains, social-media and internet. These insights are exactly what employers look for in students who are graduating or have just graduated.

Any user with a valid account on Resource University can sell textbooks on its platform.

There are NO FEES for students or instructors to list their books or to buy and sell books on the platform. More here on how to

Guests who signup for a Book-Sellers account pay a fee to conduct business on Resource University. More here …

Teaching: Instructors use it to develop and design courses. Best of the tutorials and guides on course design have been curated from the internet. Instructors get to see how the same courses they teach are being taught in other colleges, what kind of assignments, reading material other professors are using and sharing. They use the discussion forum to discuss course specific issues or general teaching strategies.

Research: Instructors use it to seek other researchers with similar interests who they can collaborate with. It is also helps them disseminate their research reaching wide audiences.

For now, buyers and sellers can use the platform to first establish contact online and then meet in person on campus to exchange the book for cash. Here’s how it works:

1. Seller lists the book.
-> On your Dashboard, click on the tab ‘DO’. Under this tab, click on ‘SELL/DONATE BOOKS’.
-> Enter the details of the book you want to sell.
-> If you want to give away a book for free, simply enter the price of the book as 0.

2. Buyer establishes contact
-> An interested buyer contacts you by sending you a message. (You’ll receive a notification in your email if you’ve set up notifications to receive emails.)
-> You respond to the buyer’s questions.

3. Delivery-Payment
-> Make arrangements with the buyer to deliver the book and collect cash on campus.

For now, we have not enabled online payments.

  1. Click on the SEARCH tab to bring up the search box
  2. In the search box, enter information about the book you are seeking. (Book title, author/s or the ISBN number.) For relevant results, also select ‘Books’ in the dropdown field.
  3. If any of the results interest you, click on it to take you to the seller’s profile with the book listing.
  4. Contact the seller using the MESSAGE button. Work out an arrangement to meet up (preferably on campus) to exchange book/cash.